If you are placing an order for our Easy-Washer, you may choose the following payment mode:

1. Cash-On-Delivery (COD) - You do not need to make any payment to confirm the order.  Payment by Cash or Cheq can be made upon delivery or installation. Once you confirm the order, we will contact you to arrange for the delivery / installation appointment.

2. Pay Pal / Credit Card -  You may choose to pay by these options when placing the order. Once the payment is processed, we will contact you to arrange for the delivery / installation appointment.  

3. Bank Transfer - Should you choose to pay by bank transfer, please note that you would need to make the transfer before we make arrangement for the delivery /installation.  Kindly provide us the transfer transaction reference number when we call you to make the delivery / installation appointment.  In the event you have not made a successful transfer when we are doing the delivery / installation, you can pay by cash or cheq.  


Once the order is confirmed, we will contact you within 5 working days to arrange for a delivery date and time.

The delivery fee of S$10 is for per delivery location. Once the appointment is made, the product will be delivered via ADKEL Delivery Service without tracking and drop-off without signature.


If you choose to use our Installation Cum Delivery services, the charge will be $30 per unit (which includes free delivery, so you would not need to pay the additional delivery fee of $10).

Before you Sign on the Invoice / Delivery Order!

Before you sign on the Invoice/Delivery Order presented by our installation staff, please make sure you check and confirm that the installation has been done to your satisfaction.  Once you sign on the Invoice/Delivery Order, that would mean that you have confirmed that the Easy-Washer is properly installed.  Under any circumstances where you are not satisfied with the product or installation work done, you may refuse to sign the Invoice/Delivery order and reject the product.  In the event you reject the product, you only need to pay the S10 delivery fee.  If you have already made payment for the product, please contact us for a refund.


Our Easy-Washer comes with a One-Year limited manuafacturing warranty.   Warranty period is 12 months from date of Invoice and it is limited to one time replacement of the product.  Please keep the invoice as proof of purchase and it has to be presented when requesting for the warranty service.
The warranty is only applicable for manuafacturing defects causing water leakage in the main unit. It does not cover the parts (such as spray nozzles and knobs) and accessories (such as connectors and hose) as they are subjectd to usage wear and tear, therefore not covered under the limited warranty.  It also does not cover the service of delivery or installation.  To replace the product, we can provide the delivery and replacement service for a fee of $30/unit.

The warranty will not be applicable if :

1. Product is damaged during self installation by the customer.

2. Product is damaged due to mis-handling or termpering by the customer after installation.


We will honour our warranties and guarantees for our product, but accept no responsibility for loss of business or damage to a household equipment / appliances computer / house / furniture / door / flooring due to using one or more of our products. 


Goods sold are not refundable.  However, if you believe you have received a faulty product please bring the product with the package and the original invoice to our office within 7 working days for an exchange. Alternatively, the exchange can be done at the store where you purchased the product.


All the pricing on the website and the quotes we give you are based on market prices and what we have in stock. If prices go up we have to charge you more money. If you place an order and we do not have stock, and our new stock has gone up in price then we have to charge you the new price (we try to avoid this). However this works both ways, if prices go down, we will charge you less money. We would never charge a credit card a different price without the buyers permission. If you are not happy with the new price you can cancel the order without penalty.


All quotes are valid for 5 days only unless noted otherwise.


We accept orders via website, email and phone.

We accept the following payment methods:

1. Credit Card: Visa & Mastercard payments via website only

2. Paypal: Paypal payment via website only

3. Bank Transfer

4. Cash on Delivery

5. Cheque

We use Paypal to process online credit card transactions as it has excellent security practices. Once processed all records with your details are destroyed. We do not keep credit card details.  If you do not feel comfortable processing your payment online, you may call or email us to place the order.


There are a few things you should know as a consumer before purchasing any goods.

If you pay for the product before it is shipped, you own the product ex warehouse.If you purchase on account, Adkel retains ownership until you pay. If you cannot pay, we are legally entitled to collect the goods from you.


Some of the information provided here are legal matters. Adkel provides this as general information. We do not provide it as legal advice. Always seek your own legal advice.


The contents on this website is under the copyright of Adkel Solutions. Any reproduction without express written consent will be treated as infringement under copyright laws. Please contact us for further details or to discuss any requirements you have. Some names and trademarks have been reproduced, in a text format, for general information purposes and remain the property of their rightful owners.
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