Our 100% Satisfaction  Guarantee

We are proud to offer you our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy. When we are doing the installation, we will fit the Easy Washer for your assessment.  If you find that it does not fit your toilet bowl or for any reason you do not like it, we will take it back, you have no obligation to buy it.  You only need to pay us $5 for the transportation.  (This policy is only applicable if we are doing the installation).

More Reasons Why We Should Use a Easy-Washer!

No amount of toilet paper can clean you as well as the washing performed by the easy-washer. Once you have used our easy-washer you too will be a confirmed believer. Hear what the doctor says - Click to watch video

The Japanese have used it for decades, what other assurances do you need?

If the japanese can use it for more than 20+ years, I am sure you can rest assured that the Easy-Washer is hygienice and effective.  Will they use it if it is not good enough?  We all know how the Japanese are when it comes to personal hygiene!  It is time we change our unhygienice habits and adopt the New and Hygienice Way to clean!

A Easy-washer that benefits the whole family!
Water is the real motivation behind using a easy-washer. Because of it's cleansing power with water, a easy-washer gently targets water towards the perineum area. Once a person a finished relieving themselves, with a turn of the knob, the water spray instantly and thoroughly cleanses the area reducing the chance of bacteria to germinate which in turn eliminates the risk of infection. No need for soaps, toilet paper with harsh wiping. With a easy-washer you get cleaned instantly - Click to watch video

Why Toilet paper is not the answer?
Toilet paper cannot clean your delicate surfaces effectively. The use of paper can lead to irritation, and never clean you completely which over time can cause bacteria growth and infections. Paper is just a good way to spread around bacteria that can lead to hemorrhoids, and possibly bladder, and urinary tract infections. Continuing to clean with paper will only lead to irritation of these sensitive areas, along with increased bleeding and itching of the affected area. This scenarios do not happen to everyone, but many can relate to the problems that toilet paper can lead to. And it's a great way to save the trees.

Why it is important to have Hands-free cleaning!
To start almost 80% of all infectious diseases are passed by human contact. Estimates are that 50% of people washing their hands after using the facilities, and many of them do it incorrectly. So if you don't have to use your hands at all then there is less chance of passing or coming in contact with fecal bacteria. A easy-washer does all the cleansing hands free. This decreases, and can eliminate the chance of germs or batercia to multiply by contact with surfaces, and contact with others.

Benefits for Female Hygiene
Easy-washers are a great way to leave a women feeling confident, secure, refreshed, and completely cleansed. The gentle water flow has various settings that allow a comfortable wash that is suitable to the woman's needs. The cleansing water is beneficial during menstruation, or after intercourse. The water cleansing is a good way to help alleviate the problems that occur after pregnancy, such as rashes, constipation, and the soreness and bleeding that come from diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

Benefits for Male Hygiene
Using a easy-washer if you are man can leave you feeling confident, secure, refreshed, and completely cleansed. Easy-washers are a great way to help men alleviate the problems associated with soreness from hemorrhoids, rectal itching, and constipation.

Benefits for Children's Hygiene
As we know it, children are just not experts when it comes to cleaning themselves. This is especially so when they are doing it with toilet papers. More often than not, the stains gets onto their hands. Such mishaps are the main culprit of children passing on bacteria and germs to each other and thereby getting infected with fecal bacteria that can lead to infection of gastrointestinal tract and cause diarrhea, fever, and cramps and in more serious cases, dehydration. Campylobacter infects over 2 million people each year, and it's a leading cause of diarrhea and food-borne illness. Babies under 1 year old, teens, and young adults are most commonly affected. In addition the abrasion from using the toilet papers may not be the best thing for the tender skin of your child, especially at the sensitive anus area. A easy-washer at home is the perfect solution. The easy-washer is gentle enough for a child. With some training under adult supervision, a child can quickly learn how to use the easy-washer with ease. It is good to start the child early with the easy-washer. That is good for personal hygiene and minimize the likelyhood of them growing up with the problems that many adults have to deal with today – such as pruritus-ani (itchy bottom), (Refer to the pdf document for details of the conditions). All these conditions are easily aggravated by the use of toilet papers. Using water to wash will allow the area to rest and give the conditions the chance to recover.

Benefits for Senior Citizens, Disabled, or Handicapped
Because a easy-washer is hands free it has excellent benefits for the seniors, handicapped or disabled. They no longer need a care giver for those moments when they may feel ashamed. This will allow them to have that feeling of confidence and dignity as they will not require the need of a assistant when they need to clean up. They can independently use the easy-washer to clean the rectal area, with no need for toilet paper and the need of assistance will give them the self-confidence that they have once lost.  Infact, many hospital in Singapore have started using the bidet washer.  

Even the hospital are using it!
You will find the bidet washer in Singapore General Hospital, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Mt Alvernia Hospital and Alexandra Hospital - just to name a few.  Even the hospitals have discovered the usefulness of such bidet washer for their patients.  What are you waiting for?