Q: What is a Easy-Washer?  How does it work?

A: Watch Demo Video - Click to Watch video


Q: Is it easy to Install?

A: The Easy-Washer comes with a complete set of DIY Installation Kit.  20 minutes is all you need to get it installed at your home.  It would be best if you watch our Installation Guide Video before you proceed with the installation - Click to watch video

Q: Does the Easy-Washer really work?

A: We are positive your daily hygiene will definitely improve. If the Japanese have been happily using it for more than 20 years, what other assurance do you need?

Q: Is the Easy-Washer durable?

A: You can come to our store and have a look at the material for yourself.  You will definitely find it much better quality than your normal toilet seat.  How long it can last will depend on how you use it.  But we can confidently say that it will last longer than your normal toilet seat.  Under normal usage, the Easy-Washer will outlast any of the bidet handspray that you are currently using.

Q: Does the nozzle touch me?

A: No, the spray nozzle rests under the rim of the toilet seat. When the knob is turned for spraying, it comes out from under the rim and for sure will not touch you. There will be a gap of about 1.5 inches from the nozzle to the spray point.

Q: How long does it take to install the Easy-Washer?

A: The DIY installation kit is provided in the package.  The average installation takes about 20-30 minutes with no need for a plumber. However, it will take longer if your existing toilet seat is difficult to remove (for example  due to rusty screws) or the water-outlet is not easily accessible.

Q: Will the nozzles get choked?

A: The water in Singapore is so clean that this possibility is very low. Moreover our SF and RH models have 2 filters that will stop any particles (if any) from choking the nozzle.

Q: Is the Easy-Washer safe for children?

A: It is so simple to use that your kids will learn to use it in minutes. Your children will also love the Easy-Washer and will grow up forgetting the concept of toilet paper.

Q: Will the Easy-Washer ever run out of water during use?

A: The Easy-Washer is connected directly to your water supply outlet.  As long as your water supply is turned on, it can never run out of water.

Q: Will the Easy-Washer be connected to the flush tank and will the water be dirty?

The Easy-Washer does not use water from the flush tank.  It will share the same outlet that supply water to your flush tank or handspray bidet.  So the water that the Easy-Washer uses it as clean as the drinking what that comes out from your tap in the kitchen.

Q: Is it true I will save on Toilet Paper?

A: If you’re cleaning with the Easy-Wsaher, all you have to do is to use 2 sheets of toilet paper to dab dry. The usage of toilet paper will be significantly reduced. 

Q: Will the Easy-Washer fit every toilet bowl (WC)?

A: From our experience, the Easy-Washer is only suitable for 90% of the toilet bowl we have installed so far.  If you are going to install the Easy-Washer yourself, please make sure you get the measurements of the toilet bowl before purchasing the appropriate model of our Easy-Washer.  You may view our 'How to install video' to get a better idea on how to ascertain which Easy-Washer model is suitable for your toilet bowl.

If we are doing the installation for you, our installer will show you if the Easy-Washer is compatible with your toilet bowl.  If you do not find it compatible, you can reject the product and cancel the order, there is no obligation to buy (you only need to pay for the S$10 delivery charge). We want to make sure you are happy with our Easy-Washer.  

Q: Does the Easy-Washer come in different colors?

A: Unfortunately, we only have 1 colour, white.  As white is a neutral colour, you will be surprised it actually is compatible with toilet bowls of all colours.

Q: Which Easy-Washer should I choose?

Please watch the following videos to learn how to choose the Easy-Washer.

> Compare SF500 vs RH480 - Click to watch video

> Compare SF500 vs LT150 - Click to watch video

If you have any other questions. Please feel free to Email or call us anytime.